Board of Directors



Born in Surabaya, 15 March 1967. Astonishing lady who holds various key positions such as Commissioner position at RCTI, PT MNC Land, PT Star Media Nusantara and MNC Pictures, as well as President Director at PT Global Star Harvest and PT Prima Permata Nusantara. She also presides as Editor in Chief and chairwoman for Tabloid Genie, Mom & Kiddi, Just for Kids magazine, as well as High End magazine and High End Teen. With her educational background in Fashion & Beauty where she holds Diploma of Merchandising form ICS Canadian Limited, and Diploma of Fashion Designer from L’Academie des Coutouriers Canadiens, Ottawa- Canada as well as various degree from renowned Fashion & Beauty school in Ottawa – Canada, she sit as Chairwoman and Founder of Yayasan Miss Indonesia, the license holder of Miss World. Her love for Indonesia and her social nature has landed her a position as Counselor at Yayasan Jalinan Kasih to fit in among her busy schedule, and she managed to make Indonesia as the host for Miss World pageant in 2013 and again in 2016.


President Director

Lina Priscilla born in 1980, graduated from University of New South Wales, Sydney - Australia in 2002 with a Master of Applied Finance degree, having previously completed her Bachelor of Commerce degree from Macquarie University, Sydney - Australia. She has served as President Director in Star Media Nusantara since 2008; Finance Director in HighEnd Magazine since 2008 and also as Managing Director in MNC Channels since 2014. Previously she served as Acquisition Manager in RCTI for almost 4 years.